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Friedell Sterling Silver Fuschia Candelabra Centerpiece

One-of-a-kind, museum quality, circa 1937 sterling silver centerpiece by Clemens Friedell of Pasadena, CA,. Total weight 58 oz. Centerpiece has 'ACN' monogram. Marked as illustrated in photo. In excellent condition.

Clemens Friedell was born in Gretna, LA in 1872. He returned with his family to Vienna, Austria in 1875. There he studied music and completed his apprenticeship as a silversmith. He returned to the U.S. with his family in 1892. The family bought a farm near San Antonio, Texas and Friedell could not find work as a silversmith and instead taught music.

In 1901 he obtained a job with Gorham and moved to Providence, RI. There he worked as a chaser producing Gorham's hand wrought Martele silver until 1908. After varied means to make a living, he moved to Pasadena in 1911. By 1912 Friedell established his reputation with the carriage trade. Through the next 20 years he produced prize winning hand wrought pieces, much of the work on commission. The Great Depression of the 1930's had no serious effect on him, as enough wealthy Pasadenans and their friends remained to maintain a demand for his work. Business remained lucrative throughout his career and he died in 1963, leaving no successor.

This was part of the Anna Clute Newcomb sterling silver table service.

Clemens Friedell Fuchsia Centerpiece

The platueau rests on four splayed stylizeed feet, supporting undulating rim decorated with chased repousse fuchsia motif on finely planished ground, rim holds four removable fuchsia bouquets. Circa 1937, the underside signed 'Made by Clemens Friedell Pasadena' and Sterling 925/1000', hand hammered, of waved oval form, centrally monogrammed 'ANC' decorated overall with removable foliate vines and fuchsia sprays, with pierced sprays to corners, over pierced cinquefoil feet. Dimensions 4.5 inches high x 13.25 inches long x 9.75 inches wide.


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