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Coles Coin Silver 1864 Large Kenilworth Medallion Set

A fine circa 1864 coin silver flatware set by Albert Coles of New York, in the Kenilworth pattern. Total weighable silver 217 oz. (excludes knives). Various monograms. Each piece marked with Coles' marks. In excellent condition. Watch for seller's future auctions for more place and serving pieces to be listed in this pattern.

Quoting from D. Albert Soeffing's book, 'Silver Medallion Flatware', "Coles might have been a fan of Sir Walter Scott, because he named at least two of his patterns after novels by the author, Ivanhoe and Kenilworth. An article in the Jewelers' Circular and Horological Review of May 8, 1895, describes this design: 'the Kenilworth is a refinement of the French Thread, the upper part being short and abrupt bodied. The pattern has a beaded effect down the stem, while its main decorative feature is the girl's head in relief, within a hood at the top.

Kenilworth is a historical drama based upon the life and death of the countess of Leicester. She was an inconvenience to her husband who hoped to marry Elizabeth I. So he had his wife murdered, a far quicker and easier alternative to divorce. In his 1831 introduction to the novel (first published in 1821), Scott quotes an earlier account of the countess's death: they 'flung her down a pair of stairs and broker her neck, using much violence upon her: (but still without hurting her hood that was upon her head).' One assumes that the enclosure by Coles of the head in a 'hood' was an attempt to remain true to the historical fact.

24 Table Spoons 8 1/4 inches

24 Dinner Forks 7 7/8 inches

24 Dessert Spoons 7 1/4 inches

24 Luncheon Forks 6 3/4 inches

36 Teaspoons 6 3/8 inches

1 Large Asperagus Tongs 11 inches, highly engraved

1 Pie Server 9 inches, engraved

1 Salt Spoon 3 7/8 inches

6 Ice Cream Spoons 5 1/2 inches

1 Sugar Tong 6 1/2 inches

1 Fried Chicken Server 8 3/4 inches

1 Cheese Scoop 8 7/8 inches, scoop superbly engraved

1 Butter Knife 7 3/8 inches

1 Cheese Knife 6 7/8 inches

3 Sugar Spoons 6 1/2 inches

1 Pickle Fork 5 7/8 inches

1 Ice Spoon 9 1/4 inches, gilded and pierced

1 Cake Saw 11 1/8 inches, superbly engraved and with engine turning

1 Large Meat Fork 9 1/4 inches, tines masterfully engraved

1 Sauce Ladle 6 1/8 inches

1 Gravy Ladle 7 1/2 inches

1 Soup Ladle 11 3/4 inches

3 Mustard Spoons 5 i1/8 nches

3 Preserve/Serving Spoons 8 1/4 inches

2 Five O'Clock spoons 5 3/4 inches

Dinner, luncheon and dessert mother of pearl knives, silverplate blades

other serving and place pieces available


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